Guest Information

Dress Code & Policies

Blue jeans are not permitted on Club property.

Golf Attire

Suitable golf attire for men includes slacks or mid-length shorts and a tucked-in collared shirt. Hats with a bill are to be worn with the bill forward. Blue jeans, cut-offs, tennis shorts, cargo pants and shorts, bathing suits, and tee shirts are not considered acceptable. Suitable golf attire for females includes shirts, golf skirts, slacks or Bermuda shorts. Blue jeans, cut-offs, short shorts, slogan tee shirts, tennis clothes, bathing suits, tank tops, and halter-tops are not considered acceptable. Those golfers who do not adhere to these guidelines may be asked to leave the course and all practice areas.

Racquets Attire

Court attire including warm-ups and hats must be white or off-white. Some minor colored trim on collars, sleeves, hats, skirts or shorts is acceptable. A small "pocket" sized logo is acceptable. Large swatches of color across the front or back of clothing are not acceptable. Males are required to wear a collared tennis shirt. Hats with a bill are required to be worn with the bill forward. Substantially white tennis shoes are encouraged; solid colored tennis shoes are not acceptable. Basketball, squash or running shoes are not acceptable.

Electronic Device Policy

The use of any electronic devices for any purpose is strictly prohibited on Club property. The use of cell/smart phones is permitted only in the clubhouse phone booths and personal vehicles.

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